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Conventional Seed Potatoes
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Bred by Walter de Jong of Cornell, this potato inherited its unusual characteristics from many generations of Mexican, Argentine, and Peruvian cultivars. Though classified as early-maturing, the tubers set continuously all season, with each set forming higher in the hill. Large numbers of beautiful small tubers with bright white skin and white flesh are perfect creamers or “B” size. Outstanding flavor and creamy texture lend these spuds to many uses – roast them, “smash” them with butter, or just pop them in your mouth as soon as they’re cooked. Moderately susceptible to common scab and blackspot bruise; resistant to late blight and hollow heart, growth cracks, and internal necrosis. Vigorous upright plant has many vines per hill adorned by white flowers with green flares. Great for grow pots. Conventional.


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