Egyptian Walking Onion

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A hardy perennial onion that may be enjoyed in several different ways. Plant the bulbs, bulblets or stems in the fall. Harvest the green sprouts any time during the season. Use the bulblets, the small onions that form in a cluster at the top of the stalk, at any time. And the bulbs themselves can be dug and eaten any time from midsummer through fall. Because this is a perennial plant, the bulbs should be planted in the fall or left in the ground, as storage is poor. Or you may leave them on the stalk; they will fall over and “walk” to a new place to set down roots! Very prolific, hardy, and fun! Choose sustainably grown bulblets (25 sets/pkg., shipped from our warehouse), or certified organic plants (shipped directly from the grower). Plant the plants or stems immediately upon receipt at 12" apart. Shipping is included in the price. Sustainable. FALLSHIP 2024.

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Please note: We are unable to ship onion sets to Idaho.

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