Bell Beans Cover Crop Seed

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Also known as fava bean or horse bean, this is the small-seeded variety used for green manure crops. A cool season annual that originated in the Mediterranean, this plant has wonderfully lush, fleshy leaves on thick straight stalks, 2-5 feet tall. Tolerates a wide range of soils. Will fix 70-220#/acre of nitrogen and provides loads of organic matter. A densely planted crop provides good weed control. Bell beans do well intercropped with oats or barley, and provide the legume green manure crop to rotate with garden peas and beans, as they are not from the same family. Turn under when plants first flower, or cut first, allow to wilt, then till under. Hardy to 25˚F. Seed at 125-200#/acre or 5#/1000 sq. ft. Conventional.

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