Potato Onions - FALLSHIP

Our Products: Potato Onions - FALLSHIP
Potato Onions - FALLSHIP
Similar to shallots, as they divide into clusters. Why are they called "potato onions"? I've wondered that myself. When harvesting, though, I noticed that the bulbs were clustered underneath each other like a hill of potatoes. Another allium with great storage qualities well into June or July. Flavor is strong and smooth; not as pungent as Stuttgarter. Clusters of 10-12 bulbs have a large size range from ½" to 3". Approx. 15-20 sets per pound. Tested free of garlic bloat nematode, white mold, and Botrytis Organic. Fall Ship 2023.

Order now and will ship late September to early October 2023!


Please note: We are unable to ship these to Idaho.

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