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Potato Onions

Potato Onions
Similar to shallots, as they divide into clusters. Why are they called “potato onions”? I’ve wondered that myself. When harvesting, though, I noticed that the bulbs clustered underneath each other like a hill of potatoes. Another allium with great storage qualities well into June or July. Flavor is strong and smooth; not as pungent as Stuttgarter. Clusters of 10-12 bulbs have a large size range from 1/2” to 3”. Approx. 15-20 sets per pound.  Organic.

The demand for our fall-shipped Potato Onions has often exceeded supply. Because these crops are produced during the 2015 growing season, availability cannot be known until after harvest. Please check availability on our website after September 1, 2015 for Potato Onions.

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