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HELLO! Welcome to the eleventh annual seed catalog from The Maine Potato Lady. In almost twenty-five years' work with seed potatoes, I have become known to many of you as "The Potato Lady," helping you to select the right varieties for your garden, and offering growing hints drawn from my own experience as a successful organic farmer.

In these uncertain times, growing our own food or partaking of locally grown foods has become more important than ever. We work in our gardens and farms, feel the soil and plants, and reap the bounty that feeds our bodies and our souls. In this catalog, I am pleased to offer you a wide variety of certified seed potatoes, onion sets and onion transplants, Dutch shallots, "potato onions," sweet potato slips, cover crops, soil inoculants, fertilizers, and fall-planted garlic.

Much of our seed, and many of our plants and products, are also certified organic or approved for organic production. I have grown and eaten - and enjoyed! - just about all the varieties I offer. They are truly a feast for eye and palate.

NEW this season ! Every year we look for new varieties and garden products that will appeal to you. For 2017, we are delighted to offer eight new potato varieties, a collection of potatoes in a variety of colors, new onion and leek transplants, and another garlic variety all to support your ongoing quest for the healthy and productive garden.

Our Safe Seed Pledge.

The Maine Potato Lady is a certified organic handler through MOFGA Certification Services, LLC. All our seed is untreated. We do not knowingly use or sell any genetically modified plants or organisms (GMOs). Certificate is available on our website.

Prices subject to change without notice. We do not ship outside the US.