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HELLO! Welcome to the twelfth annual seed catalog from The Maine Potato Lady. In almost twenty-five years work with seed potatoes, I have become known to many of you as "The Potato Lady." It has been intriguing and inspiring to grow, eat, and share with you the myriad of colors, textures and flavors of the many potato varieties available to us. We have a great selection now, from the "tried and true" varieties grown every year to others that come and go in commercial production.

Potatoes are truly a comfort food, but at the same time they are a very nutritious, important staple food in many cultures around the world. Lisbeth Louderback, an archeologist studying the diets of the indigenous peoples from 7000-9000 years ago in the Four Corners Region of Utah, discovered that those early residents had harvested a locally grown potato (Solanum jamesii). This ancient potato was twice as high in protein and calcium and had three times the amount of zinc, iron, and manganese as Solanum tuberosum, the species that we most commonly eat nowadays. The researchers conjecture that these super-nutritious potatoes helped these communities adapt to changing climate and disappearing food sources during the middle Holocene period. Fascinating! So we choose the varieties that do well in our own micro climate, add in other staples such as onions, shallots, leeks and garlic, and keep our gardens diversified to secure our food sources. And don't forget the flowers!

NEW THIS SEASON! For 2018,we are delighted to offer a new product line: Fall-planted perennial flowers. Choose from among three peony varieties, an heirloom narcissus, and colchicum. All are certified organic and locally grown! And of course, as always, we have several new potato varieties for you to try! New potato varieties include Natascha, an early-season yellow; Superior, an older white variety that we've loved for years; Red Endeavor from Wisconsin; Vivaldi, a velvet-smooth yellow tuber; and several more.

Our Safe Seed Pledge.

The Maine Potato Lady is a certified organic handler through MOFGA Certification Services, LLC. All our seed is untreated. We do not knowingly use or sell any genetically modified plants or organisms (GMOs). Certificate is available on our website.

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