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January 29 Last date to qualify for March shipment
February 29 March shipping begins.
March 11 Last date to qualify for volume discounts.
March 28 Shipping begins for seed potatoes and spring allium orders not scheduled for March shipment.
March 28 Shipping begins for onion transplants.
April 15 After this date, selection and supplies of seed potatoes, onion sets, and shallots is very limited.
May 16 Shipping begins for sweet potato slips.
Late September Shipping begins for garlic and fall alliums.
October 21 Last date to order garlic and fall alliums.

Placing Orders. For best selection and availability, order early. Check our website for availability, especially for products that have limited quantities. Please note special order and shipment dates for spring and fall. We process and ship orders in the order in which they are received. We are unable to offer "rush" shipments. You may order cover crops, soil inoculants, and fertilizers at any time; we ship these products throughout the year, generally within one week of receipt when ordered separately from seed potatoes and alliums.

Substitutions. Because of weather and other factors associated with live plants, availability of specific varieties is not guaranteed. When necessary, we will make substitutions as follows: For organic varieties, we’ll either substitute the same variety, sustainably or conventionally grown, or another organic variety similar in season and color. For conventional or sustainable varieties, we’ll substitute a variety similar in season and color. You may indicate on your order form if you do not want substitutions.

Shipping. Because sweet potato slips, garlic, and fall alliums are shipped separately, please calculate shipping costs for these products separately and enter them in the designated lines on the order form. We reserve the right to delay shipping of any orders when the weather is too cold to ship your products safely.

Pick-Up Option. To save on shipping costs, you may pick any orders at our Newport, Maine facility. If you check this option on the order form, we will send a postcard or email when your order is ready, with travel directions and suggested pick-up times. 5.5% Maine Sales Tax applies to pick-up orders.

Payment. All orders must be prepaid. Payment may be made by check, money order, or Visa/MasterCard. There is a $25.00 charge for returned checks. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Volume Discounts. We are pleased to offer discounts on volume orders. If your order totals:
  • $100-$249, discount 5%
  • $250-$449, discount 10%
  • $450-$849, discount 15%
  • $850 or more, discount 20%
Discount Deadline March 11, 2016

Three Ways To Order.
  • Online - here with our secure shopping cart.
  • Mail - download order form and mail to:
       The Maine Potato Lady
       PO Box 65
       Guilford, ME 04443
  • Phone - 207-717-5451 9:00am to 4:00pm EST M-F

Handling and Growing Instructions are included with each order and are also available here for potatoes, here for sweet potatoes or here for alliums. Please follow these instructions carefully for best results.

Live Plant Material Disclaimer The availability of live plant material (tubers, bulbs, sets, transplants, slips, and seeds) is subject to crop and storage conditions beyond our control. While we make every effort to fulfill your order, the availability of any particular item cannot be guaranteed until we are ready to ship your order. We will notify you accordingly and in as timely manner as possible if your order is affected. Please refer to the substitution policy above.

Alison's Spud Specs is a useful chart of the potato varieties offered here for your comparison. Click here to download a copy.

Alison's Alliums is a useful chart of the onion and garlic varieties offered here for your comparison. Click here to download a copy.

Late Blight. Click here for the Late Blight Fact Sheet.

How Much Seed Potato Do I Need?
  • One pound plants 5-8 row feet.
  • 2.5 pounds plants 12-20 row feet.
  • 5 pounds plants 25 row feet.
  • 20 pounds plants 100 row feet.
  • For fingerling potatoes, use about half these amounts for the same row footage.

How Much Onion or Garlic Seed Do I Need?
  • One pound of onion sets (200 sets per pound) plants 100 row feet.
  • One pound of shallots or potato onions (15-20 sets per pound) plants 7-9 row feet.
  • One pound of garlic (30-90 cloves per pound) will plant 15-50 ft of row depending on the variety.

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About Our Certified Seed
Most of the seed we offer is produced at family farms with whom we have good working relationships, some for more than fifteen years. We grow a small portion of our products ourselves, at our own LaCourse Family Farm. All our potato seed meets the State of Maine’s seed certification requirements that establish acceptable tolerances for seed quality. (See “Coming to Terms” on page 20, or download from our website for more information about certified seed.) Many of our varieties are also certified organic. All our garlic seed has been tested free of the garlic bloat nematode. Excellent farming practices, attention to detail, and scrupulous adherence to seed certification guidelines (when applicable) set good seed growers apart from the rest. All the farms from which we obtain seed meet our stringent requirements. It is an honor to work with these farmers, and it is a privilege to supply you with their seed.

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Our Promise to You
The Maine Potato Lady Guarantees Your Satisfaction. At The Maine Potato Lady,™ we take pride in the quality of our products and our service. Our goal is to provide you with quality products for a healthy garden. If you like our products and our service, please tell your friends! If you are not pleased with our products or our service, please call or e-mail right away to let us know.

Our Guarantee. We promise that our products are of the highest quality and are sound when they leave our warehouse. Our certified seed potatoes meet the inspection standards established by the State of Maine. Live plant materials, including potato seed, onion sets and transplants, sweet potato slips, and garlic, are perishable products which can be damaged by improper handling and storage. With every order, we provide instructions for immediate inspection and for proper handling, storage, and planting. Failure to inspect your order upon receipt, or failure to follow these instructions or to follow accepted good farming practices may void our guarantee. Good crops also depend on good weather, good soil, and good growing practices. Because we cannot control these conditions, our liability is limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product. If you are not satisfied with a product, or if a product is unsound or defective when you receive it, please notify us within 7 days of receipt in order to qualify for a refund or replacement. Items to be returned with prior approval are eligible for a refund (excluding shipping costs). Replacement products may not be available. When you purchase our products, you accept these conditions and limitations.

Knowledgeable Customer Service. We have many years’ experience growing potatoes, onions, and garlic. We are happy to answer your questions or help you in any way we can so you can get the most from your garden!

Our Privacy Policy. We respect your privacy. We will never use your personal information for any purpose other than to receive and fill your orders, to provide information on how to use our products, and to send you our catalogs or newsletter. Our web site, is set up for secure, private transactions.

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