Mighty Mustard

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Mighty Mustard
When incorporated into the soil, mustards release chemical agents called glucosalinates which suppress soil-borne pathogens and pests (fungi, nematodes, and some weeds). Fast-growing, it can produce up to 8,000 lb. of biomass per acre. With a 2-6 foot taproot, mustard is an efficient nutrient recycler, bringing nitrogen and other nutrients up into the top several feet of the soil profile.
We are pleased to offer two Mighty Mustard® varieties:
WhiteGold (actively suppresses weeds)

PacificGold (active against insects, nematodes, and fungal pathogens).
They are sustainably grown by the Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative and are verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project (www.nongmoproject.org). Plant in September for late October incorporation, or in the spring as soon as you can work the soil. Mow or chop before incorporation to rupture cell walls and better release the glucosalinates. Will winterkill below 25˚F. Seed at 15-20#/acre or ½#/1000 sq. ft.

As well as a mix of several varieties grown here in Central Maine and certified organic.

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